Worth the money! Its very well managed. Food is basic but tasty. It has everything one could ask for. And once you enter u don't have to pay for anything unlike other adventure parks really amazing.

-Glenn Martin

Madhavgarh Farms is a few miles off the city limits. Has a very countryside feel. Amazing place to bring kids and pets. Has a lot to offer in terms of activities. Zip lining, Camel riding, swimming pools, mud bath, rain dance, shooting, darts, indoor game area include a pool table, table tennis, chess, and a lot more. Food was delicious, fresh and hot. The staff is courteous. A good place to spend the weekend with kids.

-Pooja Verma

Nice place to take the family out for a day outing. The food and activities are simply amazing and worth every penny spent. Authentic food, snacks and sweets are served here from morning till evening in unlimited quantity. There are numerous activities to keep kids, youngsters as well elderly people engaged. Recommended for big groups to visit at least once.

-Koshalya Khana

Awesome place to enjoy with family and friends. Traditional Indian style is practiced here. You will get very tasty food of village. There are a lot of activities to enjoy. You can do camel riding, bullock cart riding here. You can play games like cricket, badminton, archery here. Highly recommended to all

-Priyanka Sukla

Place is best for family outing and for the people who want to enjoy our culture and things we love. beauty of India can be seen ... away from noise and pollution. clearly safety measures followed and place is very neat and clean. If you wants to arrange picnic or family gathering you can book online also . Eco friendly environment and full of adventure .one can enjoy the day specially on weekends and festivals .. I suggest you to go for it and enjoy the day

-Dipeeka Warma

I enjoyed very much and all age group can enjoy their share in different activities...please come and enjoy

-Pankaj Chugh

I visited them recently, the location is amazing and very close to the city. There ambience is beautiful and one must wait to see the sunset, the scenery is mesmerising. A must visit place.

-Sanyam Nagpal

A great picnic spot and a hub of fun filled activities. Be it non-stop dancing, climbing, riding, playing, watching magic or just eating, it has it all.

-Preeti Chauhan

It is a very big place and can be a picnic spot for a bulk of school children too. The space is fresh with nature, being away from the city and its smoke, and one can wear oneself down in the fun sport filled activities here, without being concerned about the air the aye gulping.

-Arun Majji

Awesome place to hangout. Totally village theme. There are many games available for kids and adults. Food quality is also good. They have a provision for DJ also. A total fun place to enjoy with family and friends.

-Avinash kumar