Madhavgarh Aravali is farm that showcases the Haryana culture and heritage. It’s infrastructure is themed rural with all Mordern amanities. Offers wide range of food activities and adventure

-Harsh Yadav

I enjoyed very much and all age group can enjoy their share in different activities...please come and enjoy

-Pankaj Chugh

I visited them recently, the location is amazing and very close to the city. There ambience is beautiful and one must wait to see the sunset, the scenery is mesmerising. A must visit place.

-Sanyam Nagpal

A great picnic spot and a hub of fun filled activities. Be it non-stop dancing, climbing, riding, playing, watching magic or just eating, it has it all.

-Preeti Chauhan

It is a very big place and can be a picnic spot for a bulk of school children too. The space is fresh with nature, being away from the city and its smoke, and one can wear oneself down in the fun sport filled activities here, without being concerned about the air the aye gulping.

-Arun Majji

Awesome place to hangout. Totally village theme. There are many games available for kids and adults. Food quality is also good. They have a provision for DJ also. A total fun place to enjoy with family and friends.

-Avinash kumar