Farmhouse in Gurgaon

After years of being a resident of the concrete jungle, we have forgotten about our rural cultural roots. We are constantly worrying about the future that we forget to enjoy the present. We often hear our parents or grandparents reminisce about the simpler times when they had no worries, no competitions and no targets. Just plain and simple lives with days filled with fun and enjoyable activities. Nowadays people have to take special training or buy costly equipment to enjoy a simple game which is in contrast to the games and sports played in old times which were easy, fun, and simple.

We at Madhavgarh Farms aim to help you enjoy those old and simple times and bring you peace and solitude away from the hustle bustle of the city. This experience may last for just a day but its memory will last forever in your hearts and minds. It is the most famous tourist spot near Delhi where you can enjoy an authentic rural cultural experience. You will discover the colorful culture of typical Indian villages, come across various traditions and ways of rural lives, and rejuvenate your souls with folk music and dance.

It is built on a beautiful property near Delhi which is easily accessible. It is one of the best places near Delhi to relax and enjoy a weekend full of fun games and adventurous activities. It is a grand farm house in Gurgaon which is designed in pure Indian style and decorated with tasteful local craftwork. It is the perfect farmhouse in Gurgaon for picnic because it is most famous amongst kids who love to enjoy the adventure sports and games offered by us. One of our most famous features is the local rural activities which include camel and bullock cart ride, Mehendi, mud bath, charkha, etc. Apart from this, we provide unlimited delectable local food and refreshing drinks throughout the day.

We provide numerous fun and adventure activities. These include Games and Sports, Rural Activities, Adventure Activities, and many more. These are farm style activities to connect you to the roots of our country which has gotten lost in the hustle bustle of the city. The Games and Sports Activities for the child inside us include Cricket, Badminton, Volley Ball, Kho-Kho, and various other games. We also provide Rural Activities which include Camel and Bullock Cart Ride, Mehendi, Mud Bath, Tube Well Bath, etc. Our Adventure Activities include Zip Line, 25 Course Aerial and many more. Apart from these, we also offer Team Building Activities, which is a favourite amongst our guests.

Apart from being popular amongst families for a weekend getaway, it is also popular for corporate trips and picnics for school children. As it is a farm house near Gurgaon which is the hub of corporate workers, it becomes convenient for them to visit Madhavgarh Farms whenever they get a chance to escape from their hectic schedule of work. It is a complete change from the hustle bustle of the city where you can relax and appreciate the natural beauty of the rural parts of our country. Madhavgarh Farms provide the best in class holiday experience. It is one of the most popular places for weekend trips from Delhi. We offer an authentic cultural experience of our country in an enjoyable and fun manner. All of us look forward to a day spent with our family and loved ones after a hectic week of work. Book your tickets now and enjoy the rural culture of our country.